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UN Negotiations hear: Prohibit finance of nuclear weapon producers

Susi Snyder delivered remarks to the UN Negotiations to prohibit nuclear weapons leading to their elimination. These remarks were well received, and a significant number of states called for the inclusion of a prohibition on financing of nuclear weapon producers in the core prohibitions of the new treaty. The remarks are below. Read more

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Banking on a ban: nuclear ban negotiations side event

On the opening day of the UN negotiations for a new legal instrument banning nuclear weapons, PAX and the Future of Life Institute hosted a side event on the impact a treaty banning nuclear weapons would have on nuclear-armed states. Speakers included Fabian Hamilton, Member of the UK Parliament; John Tierney (Council for a Livable World); Max Tegmark (Future of Life Institute & MIT); and Ray Acheson (Reaching Critical Will of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom). Read more

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