Philadelphia launches

World BEYOND War, CODEPINK, Granny Peace Brigade Philadelphia, and other members of the Divest Philly from the War Machine Coalition are launching a campaign to divest the city of Philadelphia’s pension fund from nuclear weapons.

These 5 financial institutions help manage the city’s assets: Strategic Income Management, Lord Abbet High Yield, Fiera Capital, Ariel Capital Holdings, and Northern Trust. In total, these asset managers have over $11 billion invested in nukes. The City needs to tell these companies not to use taxpayer dollars to prop up the nuclear weapons industry and the war machine.  We’re urging the Board of Pensions to instruct these asset managers to put a screen on the city’s investments to exclude the top nuclear weapons producers from its holdings.

Here’s the petition for individual signers:

And the sign-on letter for organizational signers:


How can I get my city involved?

Check the City Guide to Divestment

What are other cities doing?

New York City to discuss nuclear weapon divestment

On 28 January the New York City Council is holding a hearing on a package of legislation- joint hearing on Res. No. 976 and Int. No. 1621. The package of legislation represents a clear movement from the conceptualization of nuclear weapons in the Manhattan Project to finally banning the bomb by supporting the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. It also calls on NYC to divest all of it’s pension funds from any company associated with the production of nuclear weapons. Read more

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A city guide to divestment

Divesting from producers of controversial weapons: a guide for local authorities…

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NYC moving towards nuclear weapon divestment

There is now a super majority of support for the package of legislation in the…

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Santa Barbara California adds its voice against nuclear weapon investments

On 18 June 2019, the city of Santa Barbara, California officially endorsed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (UN Ban Treaty) and voiced its opposition to the investment of city resources in companies associated with nuclear weapon production.

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Midlothian Council (UK) calls on local pension fund to divest

The Midlothian Council unanimously adopted a resolution last week calling on the local Lothian Pension Fund to divest from companies involved in producing…

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West Dunbartonshire Council calls for nuclear weapons divestment

West Dunbartonshire Council, located close to Glasgow in Scotland, last week adopted two resolutions supporting the Treaty on the Prohibition on Nuclear…

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