Suggested client messages

Below are some examples of emails and tweets you can send to your bank, pension fund or insurance company.


Dear madam, sir,

As a client, I am alarmed by the findings of the report Don’t Bank on the Bomb  in which you are mentioned as one of the financial institutions involved in the financing of nuclear weapons producers. I do not want my money to finance the bomb in any way. Please end all involvement in these companies and adopt a comprehensive policy excluding all investments in nuclear weapons producing companies.

With kind regards,


Dear madam, sir,

[As a client,] I would like to know if you have an exclusion policy preventing investments weapons producing companies, specifically those associated with nuclear weapons? If not, are you willing to consider adopting such a policy?

Examples of comprehensive exclusion policies can be found in the report Don’t Bank on the Bomb. [I do not want my money to finance the bomb in any way.]

With kind regards,


@[Financial institution] As a client, I ask you to stop investing my savings in nuclear weapons producers. Don’t Bank on the Bomb

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Wilbert is a political scientist working for PAX since 2010 as researcher and campaigner. He primarily focusses on and frequently publishes and speaks about nuclear disarmament, European security, toxic remnants of war, international military infrasctructure and nuclear weapon free zones.

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