The intern reports: Nukes, Basketball and Superheroes

After a month of being the new intern, it’s time to play around with some random topics that are keeping popping up at the office and find some fun facts. In this article I will try to show you the behind the scenes of the Nonukes team.

Before starting anything political, it’s important to understand that a daily intake of at least three coffees is a must. This gives you the opportunity to socialize with other people in the office and makes you either extremely productive or extremely obnoxious. The most important part is to remember how many coffees you already had, else chances are big that you start to sing the famous coffee song. When being in the coffee corner, I try as much as possible to socialize with people. I often find is scary, and look a little bit like this: ‘Euh hello, my name is Margot and I’m currently working as an intern at the Humanitarian disarmement department… euh… AND I LOVE IT.’. It came to the point that people remember me for my enthousiasm.

Beside my discovery of coffee I also had an awesome time throughout the month of September as it was an important month for the Humanitarian disarmament team. On the 20th of September we were drinking champagne as different countries were signing and ratifying the Ban treaty. Also the escalation between North Korea and the US is followed on a regular basis.


Trump is threatening to destroy North-Korea if needed through his usual tweets. Maybe Twitter started to make 280 characters tweets available in order for the president to be able to have some nuance in his discourse. Also, random Wikipedia fact of the day: Trump wrote 19 books throughout his career as a business man and presidential candidate. I guess we might expect some 280 character literature on his twitter now, maybe even some Haikus. Can you write a Haiku and share it on our twitter or facebook account?

Meanwhile Kim Jung Un is hanging around with some former MBA players. Dennis Rodman was a talented MBA player who seems to have a great connection with world leaders who love their nuclear weapons: Donald & Kim. I guess Donald got a little bit jealous about the fact that Rodman is singing songs with Kim and hence threatens to use more force in his tweets.

And in the middle of all this karaoke singing and hanging around with the president of the US, Susi Snyder and other nuclear disarmament activists seem to be the only rational actors in this entire chaos. Susi has a clear plan in mind for stability in the region. Which brings me to my internships: Susi is my supervisor and mentor. I also work together with Selma, Maaike and Krista and it creates a lovely team dynamic centered around research, lobbying, meetings, meetings and meetings as well as flying around, have some more meetings and presenting the findings. They all seem to be superheroes!

I hope you enjoyed this short introduction about Nonukes, The Kim-Rodmann-Donald triangle and the Ban. I’ll catch up with you later. In the meantime, don’t forget to share and subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter account!



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