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Nuclear Weapon Prohibition negotiations resume

This morning in New York negotiations resumed on the Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. The draft is a good basis for discussion, and includes strong language including on the prohibition of assisting with any making, having or using of nuclear weapons. PAX would like to see the treaty also forbid financing. Read more

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UN Negotiations hear: Prohibit finance of nuclear weapon producers

Susi Snyder delivered remarks to the UN Negotiations to prohibit nuclear weapons leading to their elimination. These remarks were well received, and a significant number of states called for the inclusion of a prohibition on financing of nuclear weapon producers in the core prohibitions of the new treaty. The remarks are below. Read more

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Banking on a ban: nuclear ban negotiations side event

On the opening day of the UN negotiations for a new legal instrument banning nuclear weapons, PAX and the Future of Life Institute hosted a side event on the impact a treaty banning nuclear weapons would have on nuclear-armed states. Speakers included Fabian Hamilton, Member of the UK Parliament; John Tierney (Council for a Livable World); Max Tegmark (Future of Life Institute & MIT); and Ray Acheson (Reaching Critical Will of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom). Read more

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