Don’t Bank on the Bomb at Westminster Parliament

On 10 November Wilbert and Maaike presented Don’t Bank on the Bomb 2015 to the All Parliamentary Group on Weapons and the Protection of Civilians.

The meeting was attended by parliamentarians and members of the House of Lords from 5 different political parties: Nia Griffith (Labour MP and chair of the Group), Baroness Jenny Jones (Green member of House of Lords), Baroness Sue Miller (member of the House of Lords for the LibDem party), Margaret Ritchie (SDLD MP), Ronnie Cowan (MP for the Scottish National Party) and David Lowry (of Labour MP Paul Flynn ’s office).

Other attendees included Rebecca Sharkey (ICAN UK), Elizabeth Minor (Article 36), Tim Hunt (Ethical Consumers), Ann Feltham (Campaign Against Arms Trade) and Rob van Riet (World Future Counsil).

Read a detailed report of the briefing and discussion by Rebecca Sharkey of ICAN UK here.

Are you financing Trident?

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Maaike Beenes is program officer humanitarian disarmament at Pax for Peace in the Netherlands. She works on divestment from producers of nuclear weapons and cluster munitions, and is co-author of the Don't Bank on the Bomb report.

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