The Runners-up category highlights financial institutions that have a policy excluding investments in nuclear weapons companies, but whose policies are not sufficiently comprehensive for a place in the Hall of Fame.

The policies of institutions in the Runners-Up are not fully implemented or fail to meet one of the following criteria:

  • no exceptions for any types of nuclear weapon associated companies
  • no exceptions for any types of activity (production, development, maintenance) by nuclear weapon associated companies
  • no exceptions for any types of financing or investment by the financial institution

By including a Runners-Up category, we aim to contribute to discussions on exclusion policies and their implementation. We commend the financial institutions in the Runners-Up category for having policies that acknowledge that investing in nuclear weapon producers is undesirable and we encourage them to further strengthen these policies. Ultimately we hope to see more institutions in the Hall of Fame in future updates of this report.

The Runners-Up category offers a place to some financial institutions that are almost eligible for the Hall of Fame, but also some institutions with a policy that contains loopholes that still allow for considerable investments in nuclear weapon producers. As a result, institutions can be listed in this Runners-Up chapter for their policy and at the same time in the Hall of Shame for their investments in nuclear weapon producers.

In this chapter, we describe the nuclear weapons policies of each financial institution. We also comment on the reasons why any particular institution is not eligible for a place in the Hall of Fame.

To be included in the Runners-Up, financial institutions need to have made their policy, or a summary of it, publicly available in English. In advance of this report, all financial institutions were asked to complete a standardised questionnaire with detailed questions on the scope and content of their nuclear weapons policies. Financial institutions that did not respond are not included. This list of financial institutions in this chapter is by no means exhaustive. We welcome additions from those able to provide them.