Walchandnagar Industries

Walchandnagar Industries Limited (India) supplies infrastructure and facilities for the production of the surface-to-air short-range Akash missile and the launching systems for Agni and Akash missiles for the Indian arsenal. It also manufactures the main thrust motor casing segment for the intercontinental ballistic Agni-V missile.

Company profile

Walchandnagar Industries Limited (“WIL”), based in India, is a heavy engineering and project execution company with activities in the areas of aerospace and defence, mining and metals, power plants, and other hi-tech and engineering sectors.[1]

In the financial year ending 31 March 2017, WIL generated revenues of Rp 4.0 billion (€ 57.6 million), resulting in a net loss of Rp 642.6 million (€ 9.2 million).[2]

Contact Information

Contact Information

Website: Facebook:
www.walchand.com www.facebook.com/WalchandnagarIndustriesLtd

Walchandnagar Industries Ltd.
3 Walchand Terraces, Tardeo Road,
Mumbai – 400 034, Maharashtra, India.
+91 (022) 4028 7110 / 2369 2295

Nuclear weapons

WIL supplies critical equipment for India’s Nuclear Program, including infrastructure and facilities for the production of combustion chambers for the surface-to-air short-range Akash missile and the launching systems for Agni and Akash missiles.[3] For the intercontinental ballistic Agni-V missile, WIL Aerospace department manufactured the main thrust motor casing segment. The Agni-V missile, which can carry a nuclear warhead of over one tonne, was first test fired in January 2015[4] and included in the Indian missile arsenal in December 2016. The Indian government stated in December 2016 it started work on the development of the Agni-VI.[5]




The following financial institutions made approximately US$ 35 million available to this producer from January 2014 through October 2017.

  • Bank of India (India)
  • IFCI (India)
  • Lalitabai Lalchand Charity (India)
  • Life Insurance Corporation of India (India)
  • Olsson Holdings (India)
  • Reliance Group (India)
  • Rodin Holdings (India)
  • State Bank of India (India)




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Top 20 Producers

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In some nuclear-armed states – in particular the United States, the United Kingdom and France – private companies are hired by governments to carry out work on maintaining and modernising nuclear arsenals.

This report looks at the top 20 companies that are providing the necessary components to develop, test, maintain and modernise nuclear weapons.The contracts these companies have with nuclear armed countries are for materials and services to keep nuclear weapons in their arsenals. The companies described are substantially involved in the nuclear weapons programmes of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, or India and are themselves based in France, India, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. More information on other companies involved in nuclear arsenals, not listed in the top 20, can be found here.

In other nuclear-armed countries –Russia, China, Pakistan and North Korea – the maintenance and modernization of nuclear forces is carried out primarily or exclusively by government agencies.


The nuclear weapon producers identified were selected on the basis of a predetermined set of criteria.
– Information on investments is publicly available.
– The company is directly involved in the development, testing, production, maintenance or trade of nuclear weapons related technology, parts, products or services.
– The company’s involvement is related to warheads, or to delivery systems such as missiles, that are specifically developed for nuclear tasks. This includes technology that is designed for ‘dual use’ (military and civilian) but excludes technology that is not designed for, but can be used in nuclear warfare. It does not include delivery platforms such as bombers and submarines.

State owned or controlled nuclear industries are outside the scope of this research, as are companies not publicly listed. Our research uncovered a number of Universities involved in nuclear weapons programmes, but these are also outside the scope of the report.

The list of nuclear weapon producers investigated was compiled through a wide variety of sources, including financial institution exclusion lists, civil society reports, media reports, etc. Additional details on the contracts and components is on the website.
We welcome information at any time about possible nuclear weapon producing companies to investigate.